Security & Education
Learn how to avoid Fraud and Identity Theft.


Security & Education

Protect Your Identity and Accounts

  • If you ever have any doubts or suspicions, call the bank.
  • Do not click suspicious links or open unexpected attachments or texts. Be aware of Phishing emails and Smishing texts.
  • Do not provide account info to links in emails or texts.
  • Do not provide account information over the phone to live or automated systems other than HSLC phone banking at 833.973.1117.
    • Always verify the identity of the person on the phone by calling back a known number.
  • Do not use unknown or unsafe devices to access your account.
    • This includes cell phones, tablets or computers.
  • Use only phones, tablets, and computers with the latest software and security patches.
  • Even with these recommendations, you the consumer must remain vigilant and suspicious of requests for information in order to protect yourself. Be very careful and report all suspicious activity to HSLC immediately.
  • Report fraud immediately. Call us at 419.673.1117.
  • Click here to download All HSLC Security & Education Information.

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