Agriculture Loans

Your roots are tied to the land. So are ours. With full service ag banking, we offer competitive financing options with fast, local decisions. All to help you grown- We have the right loan for you.

HSLC has your family in mind...

  • Finance with confidence and competitive interest rates
  • Get a specific loan that falls in-line with what you're looking for
  • Get the assistance to keep your farm going
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Lines Of Credit

Do you want an opportunity to relieve your farm's cash flow pressure?

With HSLC, you can simplify your cash flow management and focus on your farm operations with our competitive agriculture line of credit!

  • Contact one of our experienced loan officers to get started today

HSLC agriculture lines of credit features:

  • Competitive interest rates
  • Draw as much as you need within your qualified limit
  • Pay interest only on the amount you use
  • Re-evaluate your limit is easy and simple to fit your expansion plan

Livestock Purchases

How will you fund your next livestock purchase? With HSLC.

HSLC makes your purchase decision easier by offering a competitive agriculture livestock purchase loan.

  • Come meet one of our experienced lenders today to explore all your purchase opportunities

HSLC agriculture livestock purchase loan features:

  • Financing options for feeder livestock or breeding livestock
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Flexible terms designed to work with your cash flow management
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Farm material being poured into a brown wooden trailer.

Farm Equipment

Let HSLC help you expand your family business. Finance your next equipment purchase with us.

  • Explore your infinite opportunities today with HSLC
  • Available financing options for both new or used equipment
  • Purchase any type of equipment: tractor, trailer, sprayer, sprinkler system, etc

Farm Real Estate

Looking to expand your operation as a beginning or small farmer and not sure where to start?

Let HSLC fund your next land purchase, building expansion and/or improvement projects!

  • Let HSLC tailor a real estate loan that fits your need

HSLC agriculture farm real estate loan features:

  • Choose from fixed or adjustable rate loan
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Flexible terms
Patch of land with blue sky, a red farm, and cows in the field.
Farm facility buildings in Kenton, Ohio.

Farm Facility Loans

Looking to increase current storage capacity for all your commodities? Fund it at HSLC.Let HSLC fund your new facilities next purchases and/or improve your existing facilities.

  • Eligible facility types include grain bin, hay barns, bulk tanks, etc. Check with our experienced lending team to see if your facility is qualified

HSLC agriculture facility loan features:

FSA Guaranteed Loans

Start your new farming venture right with FSA guaranteed loans from HSLC.

With HSLC’s competitive commercial real estate loan, purchasing commercial property has never been easier.

  • Contact one of our experienced lenders today to get started

HSLC commercial real estate loan features:

  • Many benefits of owning commercial real estate including: tax advantage, overhead cost control, capitalize from market appreciation, etc
  • Competitive interest rate
  • Flexible terms
  • Visit us today to explore all your options
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