Merchant Services
3-Year Lock

Merchant Services plays a vital role for your business by turning your credit and debit card transactions into money in your bank account.

Merchant Services

The credit card industry can be very daunting and complex, especially while you're running a business. Let HSLC help by giving you more stability. With our 3-year price lock you won't have to worry about being surprised by fees. We are a community bank that actively looks for opportunities to help businesses be more productive. At the end of the day our goal is to develop business relationships, not business transactions.

We're Not Looking to "Sell"

We know you hear from a lot of people wanting to sell you on their services and that’s not our goal. We don’t want to “sell” you on anything. We are offering to help you with fair and transparent pricing and quality services. We are a community bank that actively looks for opportunities to help businesses be more productive. Our goal is to develop business relationships, not business transactions.

Want to talk to someone in person? Walk in to our branches and we’ll be there. Call us on the phone and we will answer right away. We are in your area, not in an overseas call center that doesn’t know you. We are right here, in your community.

We Want to Help

If you’ve ever really looked at your merchant services statement you probably had at least two thoughts: 1- I can’t tell what all this means, and 2- This takes a lot of my money. We want to help you with both of those problems by providing easy to use, reliable solutions for a fair price.

We’re confident that most businesses don’t really know much about their processor and aren’t aware of the schemes used to take money from them. You are busy running your business and shouldn’t have to dig into the complexities of the credit card industry. Don’t be taken advantage of because you feel you have no choice. You do.

It’s easy to let HSLC help you. We’ll take a look at your current system and processing statements and tell you how we can help. If it works for you, great! If not, no pressure. It will be worth a few minutes of your time to talk with us. We want to help.

3-Year Price Lock

You Can Know Your Operating Costs Like Never Before.

Running a business can always use more stability. Like being able to plan for your operating costs ahead of time and never being surprised by fees.

If you haven’t looked at your payments processing statements lately, you might be in for a surprise. Let us help you with that.

HSLC is not subject to any entity requiring us to raise your rates. We price our services fairly and fully disclose those costs to you. Our 3-Year Price Lock gives you the peace of mind that, unlike most every other processor, we will not increase our profits at your expense.

Give us a call, it’s easy to take advantage.

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