Security and Education

Protecting Your Finances: Security Measures and Educational Resources

Protect Your Identity and Accounts

Essential tips and best practices to safeguard your personal information and secure your bank accounts against potential threats.

Phishing Emails

Understand how to identify and protect yourself from phishing emails, which are fraudulent attempts to obtain sensitive information.

SMiShing Texts

Stay informed about SMiShing texts and learn how to prevent falling victim to text message scams targeting your personal and financial data.

Secure Windows Devices

Explore effective strategies and tools to enhance the security of your Windows devices, protecting them from unauthorized access or malware.

Secure Android Device

Discover practical steps to fortify the security of your Android device, ensuring your personal and financial information remains safe.

Secure iOS Device

Find out how to increase the security of your iOS device, keeping your sensitive data protected from potential threats.

Mobile App Downloads

Learn how to safely download and install mobile apps from trusted sources, minimizing the risk of downloading malicious or compromised applications.

Online Banking Information

Access comprehensive information and resources on online banking, empowering you to make informed decisions and protect your financial transactions.

Bill Pay (Check Free) in Online Banking

Explore the convenience and security of utilizing bill pay features within online banking, streamlining your payment process.

Business Online Banking Customer Education

Explore the convenience and security of utilizing bill pay features within online banking, streamlining your payment process and reducing paper waste.

Vantiv Sample Texts and Actions

Some sample SMS / text messages that you may receive.

Vantiv Customer Call Script

Learn how to identify real calls from Vantiv for your debit card related issues.

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