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What do I need to enroll in online banking?
To enroll in online banking, you need an active HSLC account, internet access, your account number, personal identification information, and a valid email address.
How can I get mobile banking?
Download the HSLC mobile banking app from your device's app store, enroll in mobile banking within the app, provide your account number and personal details, set up a username and password, and start managing your accounts on your mobile device.
How do I request a wire transfer?
Contact HSLC's customer service or visit a branch, provide recipient's details and bank's routing number, verify the information, and submit the wire transfer request.
How can I apply for a loan?
Visit an HSLC branch, request a loan application form, complete it with accurate information, attach necessary documents, submit the application, and await the bank's review and response.
How long will it take to approve
my account for online banking?
Approval time may vary, but it generally takes a few business days to approve your online banking enrollment application.
How do I enroll in e-statements?
Log in to your online banking account, navigate to preferences or settings, find the e-statements enrollment option, provide consent and verify your email address, review and accept terms and conditions, and start receiving electronic statements.
How do I send sensitive information to the bank?
Contact the bank and inquire about their preferred method for sending sensitive information securely, such as using encrypted email, a secure file transfer service, or secure messaging platforms provided by the bank.
How can I open a checking account?
Visit an HSLC branch, request to open a checking account, provide the required identification documents, complete the account opening application, and fulfill any initial deposit requirements set by the bank.

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