ID Theft Protection
Affordable and effective ID Theft Protection


ID Theft Protection

Credit Monitoring

With credit monitoring, you will get early detection of fraudulent activity and of identity inaccuracies. Plus, enjoy the support from our team of credit specialists, who:

  • Are trained to answer your data questions.
  • Can submit disputes on your behalf and save you time.
  • Are available Monday through Friday from 9-5pm.
  • Will send you alerts online or offline.

You'll be alerted when one of the following activities is reported:

  • New account openings
  • Credit inquiries
  • Payment delinquencies
  • Public record changes
  • Change of address

ID Theft Consultation & Restoration Process

Kroll Advisory Solutions is the global leader in risk mitigation and ID restoration with 40 years of experience. They have offices in 29 cities across 17 countries. 

The Identity Theft Services include:

  • Access to fraud investigators for questions regarding ID theft issues.
  • Information on customers rights & current legislation.
  • Recommended steps to reduce ID Theft exposure.
  • Attempt to confirm ID fraud.
  • Organize details and issues.
  • Explain fraud victims’ rights.
  • Identify the nature & potential severity of the fraud.
  • Trace victims on the restoration process & their responsibilities.
  • With victim’s permission, place 90-day fraud security alerts with credit reporting agencies.
  • Notifies the appropriate government agencies when applicable.
  • Provide education on detailed steps to take, sample letters, and all required forms and instructions.

All cases Kroll works on receive:

  • 120-day credit bureau report follows up.
  • Subscriber updates.
  • Continued restoration until complete.